Introducing GooHoo Out now on the Apple App Store.

In a far distant galaxy, a world not too different to our own is in desperate need of help. The robotic workforce of the lands have mysteriously & simultaneously malfunctioned & are destroying everything in sight.

In an attempt to fight back, a top-secret radio-controlled microscopic super-weapon has been developed to bring the robots down… from the inside! A signal has been sent into space in the hope that an advanced world has the technology to control the weapon…code name: GooHoo.

Once inside the robot GooHoo‘s mission is to find his way to the robots brain to shut down and destroy the droid.

GooHoo’s advanced capabilities allow you to easily navigate around, and interact with the environment.

GooHoo’s a super advanced microscopic radio- controlled super-weapon, designed by ‘the professor’ to end the robot war. GooHoo’s exterior is made of an intelligent living polymer that can be radio-controlled, and is stretchy, uber strong, and can stick to pretty much anything! At his core is an advanced microchip capable of close-range telepathy, giving the ability to control objects that surround him.

FLIN not only assists GooHoo on his quest, he also amplifies the radio signal into deep space allowing us to control GooHoo using the latest smart phone technology.

FLINs on-board navigation and tracking system locates, and travels to the nearest deadly robot.
He’s GooHoo’s lifeboat, and feeds GooHoo useful data about the droids he is trying to destroy, helping him to complete the mission.

GooHoo is available now download it here on the app store.
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