Talent Development Swindon

The Story So Far

When brothers James and Mark Carroll started Evil Twin Artworks in Swindon there were no opportunities to learn how to design games or work in games development in the area.

At a school careers day a few years ago the Evil Twins took their computers to show what can be done. On more than one occasion that day young people came to the booth and said “That looks like a computer game.” They assumed game creation was not possible for them or anyone outside of large corporations and could not believe that a local company had the resources to make them. They did not even think there was a point to starting a career in the games industry.
Since then James and Mark have made it their mission to give opportunities to local Swindon talent in all areas of game design, in fact the entire Evil Twin Artworks team have been trained by them.

Since the company’s inception the Evil Twins have supported schools, colleges and community groups across the South West region and beyond. As well as becoming the ENYAN Youth Arts champion for the South West the award winning team were the first in Britain to deliver iPhone education for young people where groups designed, coded and uploaded their content to the apple app store.

The Next Step

Now Evil Twin Artworks are securing some fantastic licenses and are becoming a beacon for young aspiring Swindon talent who want to learn the skills required to make ground breaking, internationally renowned games.

If you’re interested in joining our grass roots games movement and help us achieve these ambitious plans and are based in and around Swindon, join our Facebook community or Mailing List  to get involved.

Not sure what game development involves? In short, everything.  You could write scripts or story lines,  craft press releases or create 2D and 3D artwork, shape environments, program or play test. If you’re super enthusiastic and super talented there will be a job for you.

Evil Twin to launch a Victory At Sea Game Jam

Evil Twin to launch a Victory At Sea Game Jam

ALL ABOARD FOR YOUNG PEOPLE TO CREATE THEIR OWN BOARD GAMES AT NATIONAL MUSEUM OF ROYAL NAVY, PORTSMOUTH. Computer games company Evil Twin Artworks and The National Museum of the Royal Navy are giving young people the chance to design their very own Naval battle-themed…

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BBC Big Screen Games

Here is the footage from the BBC Big Screen Interactive games launch, all 3 BBC big screen games were created in house at Evil Twin HQ. The event was covered by Swindon Link.

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