TIGA award winning Victory At Sea is now available to buy in your local store!

In Association with Excalibur Publishing, Evil Twin Artworks is proud to announce that Victory At Sea is now available in stores. As of February 27th the game is now available in stores across, Europe, South Africa and Australia and can also be purchased via Mongoose Publishing’s Website. 

Retail Box Full Cover

Retail Box Full Cover


Since it’s launch we have seen players being able to play as Germany and Japan in the Campaign modes as well as;

– Mods- Customize your fleet the way YOU want.
– Hard and Expert mode also introduced repair costs, keeping your fleet in top condition comes at the cost of your ports’ supplies.
– New Submarine mechanics to help you strike and withdraw by deep diving.
– Smoke Screens to help protect your ships.
– Starting positions: Choose where your ships are placed at the start of battle.
– Squadrons: Group your units into column and circle formations, order the lead to move the entire squadron.
– Spotter aircraft added to appropriate ships to assist locating the enemy in battles.
– The Battle of Cape Matapan and the Battle of the Java Sea are now playable historical battles.

There are many other features, check out the latest updates now!

The game is also as a digital available online from many store including Steam, the Mac Store, The Win Game Store and Mac Game Store.


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