The new Victory At Sea Alpha Trailer is here.

Victory at Sea is our new Real Time Strategy set during world war 2 and has 3 game modes, Historical Battles, Point Battle and Campaign.

The game has an epic approach to real time strategy war gaming by allowing the players to develop their own story with an open sandbox mechanic in a desperate attempt to win the Second World War.

Navigate fleets around three theatres of war, the AtlanticPacific and Mediterranean.

Victory At Sea

Victory At Sea

The Campaign

Players are awarded the rank of Captain and ordered to hunt the enemy wherever you may find them across the oceans of World War 2. Rise up the ranks and command a huge variety of ships, each with their own unique characteristics, from subs and aircraft carriers to Torpedo boats and battleships.

As a WW2 naval commander you can plan your strategy however you want. Whether you harass trade routes, attack ports or build a fleet of submarines to hit the enemy. Victory at Sea enables a large number of combat styles. With over 80 classes of ship and counting, hundreds of ports set across 3 theatres of war, Victory at Sea offers a huge challenge for strategy gamers.

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