VICTORY AT SEA is a naval combat game where you Captain a fleet in a desperate fight against the Axis forces.

Victory at Sea is a strategic war game without limits, you don’t have a set number of missions or turns, you create your own story through combat and exploration. As you explore the Pacific, the Atlantic, or the Mediterranean you can attack enemy ships and trade routes as well as receive orders from superior officers. As the war progresses you will escort diplomats and spies, protect convoys and hunt down enemy ships, if successful in combat you will also be able to salvage parts, capture enemy Captains and spies as well as intercept secret codes and decoding machines.

…create your own story through combat and exploration…

For exemplary service to your country you will be rewarded with, new ranks, medals and new ships. Roaming the ocean you will be able to tune in and hear actual speeches from WW2 commanders, pick up orders and distress calls via the ship’s radio. Victory at Sea contains a vast number of historically accurate ship and plane variants.

There are many routes through this unique approach to naval combat games, make a name for oneself in the Atlantic fighting U-boats and defending convoys? Stay in the Pacific and build a fleet of carriers? The choice is yours.

In real time, steer your ships using an innovative stance system that allows you to focus on individual ships while being able to order the rest of the fleet to fight independently.

Once combat is complete you’ll be able to use Warbonds to purchase new and better ships, as well as refit or salvage damaged ones. You will have access to a vast amount of historical vessels to help immerse yourself in the epic struggle of global warfare. You can unlock historical battles such as the Battle of the River Plate, the Battle of Midway, and be called on to sink the Bismarck in the Battle of the Denmark Strait.

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Victory at Sea is already a highly successful table top game made by Mongoose Publishing, the company behind the Judge Dredd Miniatures Game and Babylon 5: A Call to Arms games. The mobile game will encapsulate the vast amounts of information behind the table top game which will create an immersive experience. The mobile versions will also inherit the fast flowing rules that allows novices and veteran gamers alike to enjoy recreating the epic struggles between the mighty fleets of the era.